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Many beginners in the world of bowhunting may think that strings and cables should only be replaced upon them snapping or becoming frayed. However, stock items that come with a brand new bow can actually be more troublesome than those custom made for the bow and hunter.

Most of the stock cables and strings that come with new bows are mass-produced, which requires a lower quality product to be made at a faster rate. While they are considerably better than they were decades ago, the chances of these breaking or wearing down quickly are significantly higher than that of personalized products.

With stock strings comes a cheaper material. Those that come with a bow are typically made of thinner fibers, which can easily stretch over time, some sooner than others. Because of this, you may need to replace these features in less than a year; something all hunters understand as a major inconvenience. With custom strings, depending on how often you hunt, their durability can sustain them for years on end.

Peep sight rotation is an issue that tends to occur from over-stretching as well, which, as mentioned, happens much more frequently with stock strings and cables. With more durable-fiber custom bowstrings, the lack of stretching can keep your peep sight aligned.

Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages that comes with worn bowstrings is the decrease of synchronization between your timing and arrow. The looser the string is from being stretched, the more unstable the arrow will be upon release. This leads to an erratic flight path, and decreased accuracy. Custom bow strings can not only prevent this, but provide better insight as to why you may be struggling with accuracy even after installing a higher quality product.

An often overlooked benefit of purchasing a custom bowstring is the fact that you’ll have a backup set in the event of the new string breaking (which is highly unlikely). However, outside factors not including over-stretching can come into play, and accidents do happen. Don’t immediately throw out a worn string or cable unless it is entirely snapped.

Having the highest quality equipment you can afford is important if you wish to find success when bowhunting. While a decent amount of skill can certainly go a long way, using a bow, strings, cables, or arrows that hinder your abilities can negatively affect your hunting trip. Consider purchasing a custom bowstring as your first step in designing a bow that compliments your skill set.