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It is one of the age-old questions in the field of bowhunting. Will improving your physical fitness lead to improved success while out in the field?


Ask anyone familiar with the sport of bowhunting and you will likely get a long list of varied answers to the question. While some experts believe that success in the bowhunting sport is not related to overall levels of fitness, other people are big believers in how the power of optimum physical fitness can translate to greater success in the sport.

Detractors believe that bowhunting employs a combination of woodsmanship and experience. By understanding the game you are pursuing and their habits, you begin to craft and hone your trade. After this, it is merely experience in the field that can propel you to the next level of success. Trial and error is the biggest teacher in the sport of bowhunting. Learning from your mistakes and successes will be the biggest tool in teaching you how to craft your hobby to get the most out of it.

That said, the more physically fit you are, the more opportunities you will be afforded in the sport. Obviously, it takes a fit person to be able to chase the game through a variety of challenging terrains. The more that you have trained and prepared your body, the more you will be able to capitalize on opportunities for the chase when they might unexpectedly present themselves. Chasing a deer through fields and over hills can be exhausting. If you do not want to tire out easily, you must prepare your body to handle the rigors of the sport.

So what are the best exercises that you can do to prepare yourself for the sport? The obvious answer would be any type of cardio designed to prepare your body for endurance in the field. Running, walking, and hiking can all serve to condition your body to keep going in the most challenging circumstances. The goal is to condition your body to be able to go the long haul.

In addition to cardiovascular conditioning, it is also recommended to properly prepare your upper body for the rigors of bowhunting. Incorporating a variety of muscle building exercises in your workout routine will help to shoot with more consistency and accuracy.