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Strategic bowhunters are all too familiar with the plethora of equipment at their disposal. Preparing for a hunt is much more than just packing up your bow and arrows and driving to an ideal hunting destination. For optimal stealth, accuracy, and efficiency, one should equip themselves with the best tools on the market. Thanks to the ever evolving world of technology, there are more available now than ever before.

Stealth Cameras

Trail cameras have always been at the forethought of hunters’ minds who wish to be 10 steps ahead of their targets. With recent advancements in this technology, more and more cameras are becoming smaller and cheaper; two enormous benefits for hunting enthusiasts. These advantageous tools allow you to monitor and track herds of deer wandering through the areas, their grazing patterns, and more.

Phone Apps

This may seem counterintuitive for an outdoor activity, but there are a number of handy scouting apps available for your smartphone. The app onX Hunt is made specifically for this. This app comes with mapping and GPS technology to scan your current location and provide you with every landmark that has been identified within the past century. Users are able to customize their preferences according to public or private late, wooded areas, national parks, bodies of water, and more. Better yet, no cell phone reception is required.

This also brings a crucial aspect of hunting into consideration; trespassing. onX allows its users to monitor their whereabouts at all times to ensure that they are not, quite literally, crossing any boundaries. What this eventually leads to is not only enhance safety, but more efficient hunting as well.

Hand Saw

It is common knowledge to embark on a hunting trip with field tools meant for traversing the harsh wilderness. However, many hunters often make the mistake of expecting their surroundings to immediately suit their needs. Tree growth and wild bushes can make visibility near impossible. Hand saws are of great assistance when cutting or trimming is required, and it most likely will be.

Reflective Tacks

This is a more unique type of gear that hunters of all skill levels could find very useful. Reflective wing tacks are great for locating gear or treestands you may have previously set up in the dark. Similarly tracking down previous camping spots or trail cameras is made much easier with these handy tacks.