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Avid bowhunters often hunt for a variety of reasons, some of which being for sport or food. Regardless, having a successful hunt is rewarding for those taking part, and the first step in ensuring this is picking the right location. If you are one for traveling around the country, the following states are some of the best bowhunting locations in the U.S.


The state that I call home, Mississippi may be a surprising bowhunting hotspot given its southern location, but there are a surprising number of mature deer throughout the state. The only downside to hunting in Mississippi is that bow seasons tend to run a little shorter than others, but don’t let that deter you from visiting. Some of the largest herds of deer in the U.S. call this state home.


Absolutely riddled with deer, Wisconsin is a well known hunting hotspot where bowhunters can flourish. However, it is important to note that there are a large number of hunters that visit the Badger State as well, most of which hunting with rifles rather than bows. If you get there early enough though, particularly during the beginning of the rut, you will encounter a great number of deer with fewer hunters. Wisconsin also has an enormous area of land upon which hunting is legal.


Boasting one of the later bowhunting seasons in the country, Ohio’s season runs from late September to early February; perfect for hunters that prefer wintery conditions. Even better, gun seasons are not in line with the rut, leaving larger populations for the archers. Because of this, there are many more deer than there are hunters.


Iowa is somewhat glamorized in the eyes of bowhunters given its scenic landscape and ideal weather conditions, but few actually take the time to visit this perfect location. Yet another state that allows bowhunters time to flourish before rifles start firing, Iowa’s wildlife is much less disturbed due to December being the first month guns can take the field.


Kentucky is known by most as the land of purebred horses and, of course, the Kentucky Derby. What some people may not know is that it is also a whitetail deer hotspot. Hunting season here opens early than most too, so bowhunters can set their sights on a prized buck before others. Because of the large patches of land throughout the state, there are plenty of acres to do your hunting on. Even privately owned properties are often lenient enough to allow hunters to perform on their land, so long as the homeowners oblige, of course.