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Sean Carothers is an entrepreneur and business owner based in Oxford, Mississippi. One of Sean’s favorite activities outside of work is bowhunting. Learning how to shoot a bow accurately poses many challenges that hunting with firearms does not. In addition to the general thrill of hunting wild animals, Sean enjoys the challenge of perfecting his bowhunting technique. Learning how to continually improve his skill with each hunting trip continues to excite Sean and attract him to the sport.

While every form of hunting poses challenges for the hunter, the level of proficiency required to harvest game increases exponentially when hunting with a bow. Therefore, a successful hunt is much more rewarding on a bowhunting trip due to the sheer amount of effort that goes into a successful hunt. Many hunters abandon bowhunting due to its difficulty. Sean Carothers‘ dedication to the sport over the years has paid off, though. Not only has he successfully bagged trophy animals, he has learned a lot of lessons related to patience and the importance of perseverance.  

Sean Carothers primarily hunts  trophy whitetail bucks in Mississippi, occasionally hunting in  Illinois, and Kansas. He has also hunted turkey and elk over the years. When Sean first started hunting with his family, he learned to hunt with a gun. By the time he reached his mid-twenties, though, he switched to bowhunting for big game and never looked back. Today Sean uses a compound bow manufactured by Bowtech.

Sean prefers to practice “stand hunting” as opposed to “still hunting.” Still hunting involves slowly stalking prey over long distances. On the other hand, stand hunting requires the hunter to remain in one location and wait for the animal to come to him. Some stand hunters use a tent that’s camouflaged to blend in with the surrounding area. Another popular option is to climb a tree to wait for prey. Sean uses a combination of elevated stand types, primarily lock on stands with climbing sticks.

Professional Overview

Throughout his career, Sean Carothers has been involved in a number of different businesses. With each entrepreneurial project, Sean looks to challenge himself and learn about a new industry. When deciding which businesses he should work with, Sean takes a serious look at the company’s leadership. A leadership team that has proven itself and the product or service they sell is one feature that Sean always looks for. Every project that Sean has been involved in—whether it has been successful or not—has taught him more about how to be a successful entrepreneur.

In addition to pursuing entrepreneurial projects, Sean owns Carothers Construction. Sean’s family has operated the company since 1957. At the age of twelve years old, Sean began to work in construction. He watched the company grow over the years and learned as much about the industry as he could. Hard work and dedication to the project at hand have helped Sean find success in his career. The experience of helping his family with construction at an early early age taught him how important these two qualities are in any line of work. He has tried his best to pass these business lessons on to his children so that they can benefit from his experience.

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Carothers Construction serves all branches of United States Department of Defense (DoD) and has successfully completed projects for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Department of Homeland Security, Defense Commissary Agency, Army and Air Force Exchange Service, National Guard, and Reserves.


State government and institutional work remains a primary focus area for Carothers Construction. We have constructed numerous facilities as both General Contractors and Construction Managers, and include office buildings, K-12 schools, convention centers, university laboratories, dorms and classrooms.


Shopping centers, offices, manufacturing facilities, and retail establishments are customized to exceed the client’s expectations by Carothers Construction’s unique approach to commercial and design management.


Private clients and developers trust Carothers Construction and our outstanding project delivery teams to provide outstanding service from concept through construction completion. Whether the project is a condominium, multi-family development, office building, or hotel, Carothers will deliver a high quality facility on time, in budget, and exceed all expectations.